Daily Routine

Your morning and nightly routine can be the most important part of your day. 

Both, morning and nightly routines, are the same with the exception of a few minor tweaks. I start every morning by going into the bathroom and brushing my teeth. We all start this way..or so i hope. I dampen my face a bit with warm water and begin rubbing my facial cleanser into my face. I am currently using the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser. This cleanser is very gentle on my face. It does a great job of cleansing my face. I get my Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin brush and run the Cleansing Brush under water before attaching it and turning it on. The brush is very soft against my sensitive skin. It works my cleanser into a lather around my face. I usually spend about 2-3 minutes doing this. After turning off the brush, I wash my face off with warm water. My face is looking amazing by this time.

Throughout the day i may have applied some type of makeup: mascara,eye shadow, etc.. For my nightly routine I will wash my face the exact way that I did in the morning. Using the Purity Made Simple Cleanser and a Q-tip (if i have on eye shadow or mascara) I apply the cleanser to my eyelids. I also take a bit on my finger and put it on my lashes. I wash off my eyelids after rubbing them with the Q-tip. The cleanser does a great job of getting off my makeup and leaving my face looking clean. I continue with the Spin for Perfect Skin brush and clean the rest of my face. What differs from the morning is that here I will use the cleansing brush and then the exfoliating brush. After softly patting my face with my towel, I grab my Lush Fresh Face Mask from the fridge. I am currently using Don’t look at me. I apply the blue face mask all over my face and wait about 10 minutes. When I get ready to wash it off, i rub it into my face first. The mask contains lemon juice and ground rice. They really help clean off the dead skin and brighten my face. After washing off the face mask with warm water, i brush my teeth and am ready to go to sleep.

Tell me about your Daily Routines in the comments!





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