Going into Lush Cosmetics

A Lush Cosmetics store was finally opened up near me a few months ago. I was very excited because I always heard YouTubers talking about Lush but I was not able to go there because…well we didn’t have one yet!

Upon first entering the store I was hit with the most pleasurable aroma ever. A mix of bath bombs, fresh face masks, soaps, and many other products all mixed together, making a beautiful smell. I was immediately approached by a worker and she showed me all the different kinds of products they sold. We finally got around the store and she started asking me about what kind of products I was looking for. Before coming I had done some browsing on the Lush website and saw that they had cleansers and masks so I had an idea of what I wanted to try.

The mix of the different products altogether made me think I was in heaven!

I decided to try a few cleansers and masks. I sat down with worker and she brought over what looked like a mixing bowl and filled it with warm water. After talking to her about my combination, sensitive, and breakout prone skin, she grabbed a few products. Starting with cleansers she brought out Angels on Bare SkinAngels on Bare Skin is their most popular cleanser. It’s  most popular ingredients are ground almonds, rose absolute, and lavender oil. She applied some to my hand after mixing it with water and we let it sit for a few minutes. This cleanser is supposed to help you achieve perfectly balanced skin, cleanse finely, and exfoliate away dead skin. The rose absolute calms redness and the lavender oil soothes and balances your skin. After washing it away my hand was extremely soft and felt moisturized. I was a big fan of this one. The next product I tested out was a Fresh Face Mask. I tested the Love Lettuce. Love Lettuce contains ground almonds, honey, and lavender oil. The mask is supposed to pick up dirt and oil from your face and wash them away. After having this applied to my hand, she chatted to me about the Fresh Face Masks. They are all made fresh every morning. They are supposed to stay in the refrigerator so that they do not go bad. Pretty much everything you buy has a sticker on the bottom saying who made it and on what date with a little cartoon photo of the person. This is good for when there are any problems with your products, you will know who you can talk to. After washing away the mask my hand felt instantly smoother and smelled very good. I loved the green color and decided to pick this one up to try it as my first product from Lush.

I really loved the way the workers interacted with the customers, the immense information they have on all of the products and being able to test the products in the store. The prices are almost too good to be true and I recommend this store to everyone who wants to try fresh,handmade products.


Tell me what you think about Lush products!

Whats your favorite product from Lush?




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