HairFinity Journey: 1 Month

On December 25th I made a post about starting Hairfinity. Hairfinity is a company that sells vitamins, shampoo, conditioner and hair masks that will help you grow long, thick, and healthy hair. I have taken many different kinds of these pills that claim to do the same job. After a month long trial, I discovered that Hairfinity actually did what it promised.

I started Hairfinity on December 25, 2015 and ended on January 25, 2016. I was very excited to start this process after hearing so many people talking about it. In the bottle you get 60 vitamins, 2 a day for 30 days. I took one pill in the morning and one right before I went to sleep. You can choose to do it this way or you can take both pills at the same time. I also used the shampoo, conditioner and protein mask twice a week.

The Hairfinity Vitamins started to work instantly!

What did the pills do for me? About 2 days after I started taking the vitamins, I immediately noticed my hair getting much much softer. After about a week of taking the vitamins I started noticing little baby hairs around my hairline. This immediately excited me because I was able to tell that the pills were working. I also noticed that my hair was shedding less when I brushed through it. These were great signs! At the end of the one month I noticed that my hair had grown about an inch. It also feels like my hair has gotten thicker. I am very impressed with these vitamins and will definitely purchase them for another month!

What about washing my hair? The hair products had an amazing smell, very sweet and beautiful. I washed and conditioned my hair twice a week. I would put the shampoo into my hair and work it into a rich lather. I made sure to rub at my scalp to make sure my roots were also getting clean and to stimulate my blood circulation. After letting the lather sit in my hair for about a minute, I washed it out. Next, I used a very small amount of conditioner and applied it to my hair about halfway up. I let the conditioner sit in my hair for about 5 minutes while I just relaxed. After washing the conditioner out of my hair, I gently patted it dry with a towel. The last step was using the protein treatment. I only used the protein treatment once every 2 weeks. I applied the treatment from my roots to my ends, making sure all of my hair was covered. I let it sit on my hair for about a minute before turning on my blow drier. This part took up the most amount of time, but it makes a difference. I dried my hair for about 10-15 minutes on medium heat. I washed my hair out when I was done and again, gently patted it dry. The hair care products did not make too much of a difference but they were very nice. The shampoo and conditioner helped make my hair very clean and shiny. The protein treatment helps make the hair thick and prevent split ends. I enjoyed using the hair products although they are optional. Since I enjoyed them I think I will also be repurchasing.

Thinking about buying Hairfinity? You should definitely check them out! You see results very quickly. You will notice hair growing after about a week. The hair care products make your hair clean and shiny! They also help protect your hair against damage. I would definitely recommend Hairfinity to a friend!

image (3)
Before Hairfinity
image (2)
1 month of hairfinity



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